C Interface

The C Interface of acados is an efficient interface to the core functionalities of acados. It provides setters and getters that can be used to interact with the core of acados with negligible computational overhead.

If you want to use acados directly from C or C++, it is recommended to only use the functions in in interfaces/acados_c/, which encapsulate the acados core, i.e. the functionality implemented in acados/.

Disclaimer: the C interface is NOT thoroughly documented using docstrings.

It is recommended to instead look at the header files in interfaces/acados_c/ and the examples in acados/examples/c/.

Another very important ressource are the templated C files used by the template based interfaces (Python and code generation for Matlab and Octave), which show how to use the C interface properly. These templates are actively maintained and tested using CI. The templates can be found in interfaces/acados_template/acados_template/c_templates_tera.

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